There’s still quite a ways to go before fans will be able to see the next season of Stranger Things online, but specifics about the next installment of this popular Netflix series have started to arrive. Along with the pieces of storyline data that have trickled out in the months 2 premiered a few of the logistics of the next set of episodes are revealed. The next season will include eight episodes, GameSpot sister site CNET supports. That is one less than stranger things Season 2, which settled on nine episodes–among the most divisive of this series for a while, including The Lost Sister. It matches the episode count of the season. While on the surface which may not mean much, it will point to wait for new episodes than lovers want. The season began filming in November 2016. Season two, meanwhile, began production in November 2016 for an October 2017 premiere.

Given the amount of time that it takes not just to film the show but include visual effects and all the show’s other post-production needs, it appears very unlikely it will premiere in 2018. While Netflix hasn’t announced a proposed return date for the show, chances are were not expecting to go all 2018 without new episodes. Nevertheless, even celebrity David Harbour attempted to warn the long wait was forthcoming. You won’t get [Season 3] until sometime in 2019. Still, with one less episode to film, possibly the Duffer brothers, who co-created the show, will have the ability to deliver it until the end of the year. Could there be a better holiday gift than a season of Stranger Things online?

It is going to be a long time before another season of Stranger Things online arrives. But that does not mean there are not lots of things to be frightened of, including one film starring a fan-favorite in the streaming series.The first trailer for Marrowbone, the forthcoming horror film featuring both Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers) and Anna Taylor-Joy–best known for her terrifying characters in Split and The Witch–has arrived and it is downright terrifying. A synopsis of the movie reads, Four sisters seek refuge in an old house following the mother’s death, only to discover that the home has another, more inhabitant. Marrowbone is the directorial debut for Sergio G. Sánchez, who also wrote the movie, but it is nowhere close to his first time working in the genre. Marrowbone arrives in theatres and on demand on April 13. When it was viewed by a third of the streamer’s US subscribers, Netflix has revived the thriller show on the heels of the introduction of Stranger Things 2 before Halloween.

The streaming agency made the statement on Twitter using a survey, asking fans if it should continue for another year. Hold tight baby darts–season 3 is happening. Given how Season 2 ended, together with the revelation that not only did the Shadow Monster survive, but was growing more powerful, it ought to be a no-brainer the series would last. Have been very clear about their having a story in mind for the next two seasons, ET Online reports. That said, if the prevalence of watch stranger things onlinecontinues to skyrocket–and those involved are still interested–it is possible the series could run past four seasons. Whether this would be a great idea remains to be seen. There is a long list of shows that are great until the caliber — and popularity — began to decline, that fans loved. It’s ideal for a show to never wear out its date. There’s no return date for Stranger Things online yet. With a little more than a year between the first two seasons, there is an opportunity fan could see the season.

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