Certain circumstances throughout history have added to the stories of zombies and vampires. There is the reality behind the legends, and truth behind the stories of the flesh eating undead. During the time of the bubonic epidemic, many stories of the walking dead online started to pop up across Europe. There were tales of people who had recently deceased that had come back home with the stains of victim’s blood on their shirts. This is one of the roots of both zombie and vampire stories.

The some of the symptoms of the bubonic plague were passing out, falling into a brief comatose state, and internal bleeding. It is easy to see how a combination of these symptoms could create a zombie or vampire story.

Imagine for a moment that you are someone who is living at the time of the plague in Europe. You are walking into the woods with a friend who is obviously not feeling well. Suddenly, he passes out. You make an attempt to check to see if he is breathing but cannot feel any breath. You cannot feel any heartbeat either.

You then have to make a decision. Should you bury him in a shallow grave here and get help to take the body back to town? Should you attempt to drag the body all the way back to town on your back? The decision you would probably make is to bury the body.

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Once you arrive at home, you try to gather a few healthy men to go back with you to the site where you buried your friend. What you didn’t know is that your friend was still alive when you buried him. He has passed into a comatose state causing his heart rate and breathing rate to drop.

When you get to the spot with the men that you brought, you find that the ground has been pushed aside and that footprints are leading back towards town. You consider the possibility that your friend is now part of the walking dead.

Once you arrive at home, you see that your friend is walking up to his house. You see that his clothing is tattered and dirty. You don’t think about the fact that you buried him, and that is why his clothing is a mess.

You see that your friend is walking in a stagger. There is a very little control that he has over his own body. This is caused by the fact that he just woke up from passing out, and he had to exert energy to dig himself out and walk all the way home.

You then notice that there is blood that is dripping from his mouth. The only thing that you can figure is that the blood must belong to some victim that your friend’s corpse encountered on the way home. You then are stuck with another decision.

You have to decide if you should allow your friend’s reanimated corpse to continue to feed. The decision is easy; you have to finish the job and send this creature straight to hell.

While you are trying to subdue the animal, it bites you. You do not realize that this is done in self-defense. You just believe that the creature is trying to feed.

After vanquishing the beast, word spreads quickly about how you battled the monster and killed it. You are now considered to be a local hero.

Over the next few days, the bite wound on your arm gets infected, and you begin to feel very sick. You do not realize it, but your friend accidentally passed the plague onto you when he bit you.

That night, you slip into a comatose state very similar to your friend’s. Since you are at home, the local minister is called to pray over your body. In the middle of the prayers, you wake up spurting blood from your mouth. Those in attendance then kill you.

Word spreads quickly about how you turned into one of the walking dead. It is then determined that you must have become a zombie or vampire because of the bite that you received a few nights prior. People are then weary in the area about getting bitten by a member of watch the walking dead online. While this story might seem humorous today, there are many recorded cases of this happening all over Europe during the time of the bubonic plague. These stories gave rise to the tales of the walking dead. Who knows, maybe you had an ancestor that was killed for being a vampire or zombie.

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